About Us



Founded with the intent to safeguard the deeply rooted significance of the el Khoury family, K. Invest was created to solidify and build legacies for generations to come. This family investment fund imposes itself as the leading wealth manager and private family funds investor for current, potential and future projects. With an investment strategy consistently built on pragmatism and market/economic analysis K. Invest ensures the sophistication, structure and professionalism required to successfully manage investment opportunities. 


Mission & Vision

To successfully preserve, manage, and generate el Khoury’s assets by building an unbreakable family network founded on values, trustworthiness and vision. It’s not just our name, it’s our legacy.  


K. Invest was created with a dual intention, realizing that one cannot go without the other. Our investment strategy, no matter the location or time, is fundamentally built with an extensive consideration to social responsibility as an unshakable variable.


Board Members

The backbone of K. Invest resides on the board members that carry the forward thinking and the implementation of a multitude of projects. With an international experience and an exceptional dedication, these senior professionals provide an unparalleled experience to the table – guaranteeing the ultimate preservation of the el Khoury’s House.